Sunday Seminar Schedule

In honor of Mother's Day, moms are admitted free today to the Solar & Wind Expo

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11:00 am - Your Energy Efficiency Checklist - presented by BGE HOME - Begin the day by learning about easy things you can do to save you time, money and will reduce your carbon footprint.

12:00 pm - Home Solar the Way You Want It - presented by Astrum Solar - Switching to solar has never been easier, regardless of your budget. Astrum Solar gives you the flexibility to purchase a system and take advantage of the generous solar financial incentives available in Maryland. Or, you can lease a system … in many cases for no money down. You select how much or how little money you put down upfront. You can also choose a leasing option and keep your Solar Renewable Energy Credits. Whichever financing approach you prefer, Astrum Solar makes it simple and seamless to transition from a traditional energy consumer to a clean energy producer. Our professionals oversee every step of the process, from filing the necessary forms to installing the system at your home. All you have to do is enjoy the savings you’ll see every month on your utility bill. Learn more about how to take the next step to go solar and make the best choice for your home and your wallet.

01:00 pm - Financing your renewable project - presented by Maryland Clean Energy Center - The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) in partnership with the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) with the support from the U.S. Department of Energy has developed an innovative energy efficiency financing initiative for Maryland property owners. As part of the Governor’s Smart, Green, and Growing Initiative, the Maryland Home Energy Loan Program (MHELP) is helping Marylanders take control of their energy future and stimulate new “green collar” jobs. The initiative uses private capital for energy efficiency investment and encourages Marylanders to invest in their homes, reduce their energy bills, support economic development and job creation, and minimize their environmental impact. There are two interests rates available for eligible consumers. A rate of 6.99% APR is available for consumers completing an energy audit and installing insulation and duct sealing measures. A rate of 9.99% APR is available for consumers completing equipment upgrades only, such as a furnace or HVAC unit that meet MCEC and ENERGY STAR standards.

02:00 pm - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations presented by Energy Systems & Installation - Electric Vehicle(EV) Charging Stations are perfect for offices, shopping centers, hotels, entertainment venues or anywhere your customers want to plug in while they're going about their daily business. Come and hear about the correct product(s) for your property's application. Whether you will own the stations or you want to engage a third party and revenue share, this seminar will help you to successfully navigate through the consulting, financing and permitting processes.

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12:00 pm - Geothermal presented by Supreme Air - Learn why Geothermal Energy is one of the "Greenest" ways to provide heating and air conditioning for your home. Learn the different systems: geothermal including horizontal, vertical, pond and well water loops, geothermal heat pumps and radiant systems.

01:00 pm - Heating Hot Water with the Sun-It's Many Uses and How to Best Finance it presented by Energy Systems & Installation.  Learn why solar thermal technology is the most economical way to heat your water for a range of purposes. Domestic hot water – Solar can produce enough energy to meet up to 80% of your energy needs for domestic hot water production.  Solar Thermal can be used in conjunction with Solar PV to reduce the overall size of you PV installation to save you significant monies on your entire project. Space heating – Solar can be used in conjunction with a radiant floor heating system to provide space heating for a building, Solar-heated water runs through pipes underneath the floor boards, which then radiate heat upwards to warm the room. Solar Pool Heating – Solar offers the most cost-effective method of pool heating, and allows you to extend your swimming season by several months-even here in the mid atlantic. Learn about the government incentives that are available for residents in MD, PA and the surrounding area. We'll fill you in on how inexpensive it really is, and how quickly of a payback you can expect.


2:00 pm -  Protecting your Solar Investment - Thermographic Scans - presented by Earth & Air Technologies, Inc.-Commericial and Industrial Solar PV systems are made up of 100s and even 1000s of connections. With pinpoint accuracy, infrared technology can quickly detect the slightest anomalies that could potentially cost you money. This technology is so sensitive; it can detect a single faulty cell within the entire system. Learn how State of the Art Infrared Thermography can guarantee maximum energy harvest.  Find out how larger commercial and industrial pv systems can save thousands if not tens of thousands of $$$ a year with a full thermographic scan.

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